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When it comes to the IRS, don't fight or speak to them alone. Sometimes, it can help to have an IRS tax audit lawyer on your side who can advise you on your rights, and help you avoid mistakes you might inadvertently make.

The tax laws and legalities involved when it comes to taxes, settling IRS debt, and handling things like audits, offers in compromise, can be difficult. We'll represent you, and help you avoid potential issues.

The Spodek Law Group helps people all over the USA with their IRS tax audits, and all other issues relating to failing to pay, or underpaying, taxes. We can help you negotiate a settlement with the IRS, help remove interest charges and penalties, prevent/stop wage garnishments, help remove IRS tax liens, and other actions the IRS might take. IRS tax audits are difficult to handle for any normal person. We are a law firm that is dedicated to protecting individuals and businesses from the devastating consequences of an IRS tax audit. IRS Tax problems can affect your future, and jeopardize your future. When you hire our attorneys, we intervene and help handle the IRS tax audit process. If the audit has already been conducted, we can intervene and try to negotiate a favorable settlement.

Our IRS tax attorneys, and federal tax lawyers, start every case by being practical, and understanding your exact situation. We don’t judge you – we try to help you. The IRS is one of the most powerful government entities in the USA, and has an army of attorneys and financial experts on their side. In order to get good resolution to your IRS situation, you want an experienced tax attorney on your side, who will defend your rights, and protect your assets. With over 40 years of experience practicing law, and handling federal cases, the Spodek Law Group is here to help you.

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The Spodek Law Group consists of some of the top rated attorneys in the USA. Managing partner Todd Spodek is a second generation attorney, whose frequently interviewed by the media.

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    IRS Tax Audit Lawyers

    • Why would you want to face down the IRS without a lawyer to help you along? That would be incredibly risky and not likely to turn out the way that you are hoping. In fact, going to the IRS without a lawyer is like trying to perform open-heart surgery on yourself without a medical degree. In other words, you should not risk it.
    • The problem with going to the IRS without an attorney in tow is that you run the risk of saying something that gets you into more trouble than you otherwise would have been in. You might admit to something that you did not intend to say. Additionally, the IRS agents might confuse you into confessing to something that is not true. Believe it or not it happens all the time.
    • A tax attorney deals with these audits on a routine basis. They have seen these situations over and over again. They know what the traps are that the IRS puts out there hoping to snatch up some taxpayers in their own web of statements. They are not as intimidated by the prospect of an IRS audit because it is not happening to them personally, and because it is something that they are used to seeing.
    • These are a few good reasons why bringing in an attorney just makes sense. They cost you some money upfront to be sure, but that money is well worth it if it prevents you from getting more entangled in the IRS system that could cost you significantly.
    • Many tax examiners are very aggressive in their approach. They believe that they are right and that you are attempting to pull one over on them as it were. They always think that you are pitted against them. Since they come at the problem with this kind of bias, you will want to make sure that you are protecting yourself in this situation by getting an attorney who will help defend you against anything that the IRS may throw at you.
    • You are talking about some very technical issues when it comes to the IRS. Do you really want to walk into their offices and try to defend yourself against charges that you filed your tax returns improperly if you do not have to? That would be foolish and you know it.
    • A lot of people would like to avoid hiring an attorney, but they need to remember what is at stake here. They are between a rock and a hard place if they are under audit with the IRS. You will need to figure out what you are going to do to get through this situation with as few penalties as possible. You can get out of the way of many penalties and fees if you have someone who is working diligently on your case for you. That is the only way to get the kind of results that you really need out of all of this. Looking at it that way makes the case for getting an attorney make a lot of sense.
    • When that dreaded audit letter appears in the mailbox, many thoughts may run through your mind. Whether these involve wondering if your wages will be garnished or if you will be expected to pay heavy fines, the one thought you should immediately act on is hiring a tax attorney who has the knowledge and experience needed to take on the IRS and win. In these situations, having a lawyer on your side who knows the tax laws, the various techniques used by the IRS during audits, and how to use their skills and knowledge to develop a winning strategy can mean the difference between leaving an audit unscathed or possibly facing financial ruin. If you are facing the dilemma of an IRS audit, it’s important to hire Todd Spodek to represent you against the IRS.
    • Protecting Your Legal Rights
      In most audits, the investigators are often quite aggressive with their questioning. By doing so, they hope to use intimidation and fear as tools to get you to incriminate yourself. For taxpayers who attempt to handle these situations alone, they often find what they perceive as innocent statements are twisted around by IRS investigators to make them look and sound guilty of criminal conduct. But by having Todd Spodek on your side during these proceedings, this will not happen. Instead, David will advise you which questions to answer or not answer, and will work to make sure all your legal rights are protected each step of the way.
    • Reducing or Eliminating Penalties
      If you face an IRS auditor alone, chances are you will be given the stiffest possible penalties that can pertain to your situation. If this happens, you may find yourself enduring wage garnishments, seizure of your bank account, large fines, and maybe even criminal charges that could lead to time in jail. However, when you have Todd Spodek working as your tax attorney, his training, experience, and willingness to fight for your legal rights could result in the IRS reducing or even eliminating the tax penalties you otherwise may have incurred.
    • Schedule a Consultation
      Instead of taking your chances alone in an IRS audit, it’s always best to hire a professional tax attorney such a sTodd Spodek to represent you in these complex and potentially serious cases. Rather than put yourself on the brink of financial ruin while also facing criminal charges, let Todd Spodek his expertise to work for you. Schedule a consultation as soon as possible, and give yourself peace of mind and a lawyer who cares about truth and justice.


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